Sunday, 31 August 2008

before the rain set in

before it started to rain, me and the quiet Scotsman went a roamin'. He travels all over wiltshire/Hampshire etc with his job and the constant bug bear, especially in the summer, is trying to get home with out getting caught up in the traffic around Southampton or Poole. So he ends up going through a lot of small villages, and when he finds any interesting ones we go back at the weekend to explore.

And so we went in search of the above, 'Horton Tower'. it can be seen for miles around, but he'd never go close, so we went to see.

It isn't really sign posted , but there is a right of way past it. here's a quote from the web

Horton Tower
Horton, Near Wimborne, Dorset BH21 - England, UK

This 140 foot high folly was built by Humphrey Stuart in the eighteenth century. The story goes that he used it in his later years to watch the hunt when he had become too old to participate. The landmark has been fully restored by a telecommunications company, which now uses it to support its phone masts. Horton tower featured in the film of Thomas Hardy’s famous novel, ‘Far From the Madding Crowd.’

even on a wonderfully sunny day there is a strange feeling around the tower, a bit menacing, but quite spectacular, as is the view.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

I don't want to be here.......

I'm in one of these an 'OFFICE', however I want to be

HERE!! in my workroom at home, sewing, boo hoo, the tragic life of a 9 to 5 girl. POOP!!

Monday, 18 August 2008


I love snowglobes, these are two of my favourites.

A film night

I have some sewing to finish tonight and my workroom is a mess but all i want to do is sit and indulge in a bit of Marie Antoinette, ah complete eye candy!!

Saturday, 16 August 2008

it's finished!!!!!!

over the fuzzy , woolly hills

can you tell what it is yet?

Well, I've finally finished my ripple blanket.YEEEEHARRR. I started in about May 2008 , I think,and it is my first attempt. It's come out rather large, that's a king size bed!!! but that's fine.ALL THE MORE TO SNUGLY UNDER

I've been reading a lot of other blogs at the mo, where people are debating the 'what ' and 'why' of there blogs comparing them to other, seemly perfect lives and pretty blogs, and debating how personal and perfect your blog should be.
I have been pondering the same questions, why do I blog? I don't think I have many people who read mine, but that's fine, I think i do it more for myself, originally it was to promote my own designs, but I've been a bit shy with these, i was going to use it to sell my stuff.but have nothing to sell , YET!
people keep mentioning the unspoken rules of not too personal, or no moaning and is this the right way!!! I have no idea!!!!

The Olympic games have taken over our televisions/radios/media, now I'm very much a 'you do what you like and I'll do what I like ' so some people like sport some don't, I DON'T. I don't understand the whole competitive thing, if sport 'floats your boat' GREAT, but it's not for me. and so it's the same with my blog, I love to peck at the other wonderful ones and always hope that I will achieve that organised ,life. I'm constantly in awe of the amount some people produce. I work full time and never seem to have enough time.BUT I don't feel the need to compete with others , I'll admire there work , and take some inspiration, but I'm me and your you.I think I'm missing the competitive gene.

So when I was inspired to learn to crochet at the start of the year , so I could have a ripple blanket of my own, I was amazed and in awe of the wonderful perfect examples I found on the web.

You'll notice that my blankie, starts off with random colours, and then does a sort of shaded bit in the middle and then another bit of random, and I'm sure there are lots of mistakes etc.
When I'd done a bit of the shaded bit, I thought maybe I should 'frog' (I love that phrase) back and make it all consistent, but i just liked it the way it was. It just developed as I went along, entirely at my whim.

It's not perfect, the colours clash and I love it. This is how my mind and creative process works and what it creates. So this is my 'art' and so it reflects my blog, it will be what ever I want to put in it at the time, a mishmash of my choice's just like my life,

Full of mistakes, but very colourful, and all me!!!

Friday, 15 August 2008

I WANT...................

Will someone please buy me the above shoes, uk size 6. Thank you.
if not all three pairs then just the black pair, I covet , I covet!!!!!!!
my love for shoes will never die!!!

an icon

I just love this womans style Diane Pernet, only just discovered her, but she looks "Fabulous Darling!!!!". do check out her site How I'd love to have a signature look. does scruffy count as a style?

p.s. anyone any tips on how to do a link?


WELL! it maybe tecnically still summer, but with all this wet weather my thoughts have turned to my favourite season, AUTUMN!! I don't really like the heat, I'm too pale and freakly!
So I've started my autumn wardrobe with the two lovely pieces above, can't wait to wear them with my lovely purple boots.