Wednesday, 27 May 2009

IT'S RAINING .......

So, it rained all day today, which I'm happy about, good for the garden and meansI don't get tempted into the garden!!
So here's some seedlings just waiting to get out there:

this was yesterdays blustery walk

our marvelous new gate in the " secret side garden" made by the husband, clever man

great clouds what more to say!!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

while in bed.........

When ill in bed, I picked up this book: , I've had it for a while on my " to read..." pile. anyway it's been a long time since I stayed up into the early hours to finish a book, but this one did it.

I'd read the start a few times but couldn't get into it, silly me!!! I loved it. of course it helps that it's set in Dorset. I'm sure I know some of the places mentioned, but then I'm probaly wrong. Kit Berry just captures The Hidden Dorset so Well and has helped me reconect to something that has been hidden in me for a long time.

check it out:

i've been in bed..... and not in a nice way!

I've spent the last week in bed with the flu!!! not nice

I'm just about up now, but still with a head full of snot and weary bones. but it was glorious today, as it has been over the Bank Holiday weekend. and the pooch needs his walk and I need my dose of "Dorset Green" to aid my recovery.

so down pig lane

to the bend in the lane...

I do think Dorset has the best clouds...

Tuesday, 19 May 2009



guess who learned to do collage's ? fun stuff

this is a selection of the photos I'm going to use for my moo cards.
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Friday, 15 May 2009

bunking off........

so the Hubby had to go to Minehead the other day , and I cagded a lift.

Dispite the rainy weather , it was quite stunning going along the Ex Valley

then along the coast to Lynton and Lynmouth . soooo pretty

the mist on top of the cliffs was amazing we drove through it down to the seaside.


I'm hoping the chanel film will be out on DVD Soon. It seems to be having an influence on my work.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

I am working!!!! honest


here's a sneak into the current issue. I can't recommend it enough, even the adverts are inspirational.

nice post

look what came in the post today!!! no bills and two wonderful packets.

I have a subscription to Selvedge and would highly recommend it to any one who has the slightest interest in Textiles, there really isn't another magazine to compare it to , .

and this came totally unexpected from the amazing people that are "Sumptuosity"

if you haven't heard of them ' shame on you!!!'

it's a wonderful badge and came with a hand written letter,( yes!! hand written!! )thanking me for subscribing to their newsletter. I am overwhelmed by the generosity of people. I will wear my badge with pride and recommend them to EVERYONE!!!

sooo naughty......

the wonderful brocade will be made into a coat with the stripes as the lining. all for me!!!!!

one side of the brocade

and the other, not sure yet which will be used for the outside of the coat and which for the pocket flaps and lapels:

or what about this wonderful wine taffeta for the lapels and pockets flaps? or maybe piped collar, pockets flaps and cuffs?
it gives it a Venetian feel me thinks!! I'll think about it,

did I mention that the blue brocade was reduced from £20 per metre to £5 per metre and the striped lining was reduced to £2.99 a metre !! What a bargain!!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

naughty naughty

Now That I work for myself I am trying to be very careful how I spend my money, but it's the beginning of the month so I've treated myself.

I found this dinky picture in a charity shop for £2.50. and it was love at first sight.
She's 3D and has a very fairy tale quality to her, but I don't know the story, she's pretty anyway.