Friday, 28 August 2009

my day..........

this is what I did today, cut some patterns and made up a Bolero, still haven't lined it Poop!!!
oh I did clean out the fridge as well and allsorts of computer playing

new books...

I love great illustrators and Colin Stimpson a new find, well to me,is fabulous and I was delighted to receive the following books, the stories are quite good too!


I don't cook much,but next time I get the urge I know which cook book to look to!

an earlier project..

I made this poppy hat for Royal Ascot approx 1986, my father and Aunt have birthdays on the week of Royal Ascot in June, so we went a few times, much fun. haven't been to the races for a long time. I think Salisbury is our nearest course.
I spent many a happy days in my school holidays been looked after by my dad, which meant a day at Uttoxeter racecourse

the great outdoors

My mother came to stay last week.My father is recovering from his cancer treatment, he's getting there, but it's slow progress and my mother is the direct carer. she needed a break and although she lives in a beautiful place(Dartmouth, Devon) She loves the quiet of our place and she's been itching to paint my garden furniture.
So I let her!!! I'm good like that.
I think she did a splendid job and she's very happy with her latest painting project. normally she works on a smaller scale, (she does landscape watercolours)

If you click on the picture, you'll get a close up view and you can just about see the grapes on the grape vine, go on, it's on the left side by the black pipe, see? those tiny green round dots.!!!! I don't think we will be starting the home brew this year!

Titfer & Toes

I do like a good Titfer, so I am delighted with this new bit of frippery.

Levi thinks he looks rather dapper.

And todays toe coverings are ............, I didn't look if my stripes matched oops!! oh well, I do like red and pink.the benefits of working from home, you don't care if your stripes match.where will it end!!!! can't you tell that Autumn is on the way if you have to have socks with your clogs.


What I did on Thursday 27th august .I did my hair.
Henna is a pain to do, gets all over the place and I then wrap my head in cling film and walk around like that all day, I do cover it with a turban( NO there are no photos!!!) and it gets heavier & heavier, but the colour is glorious & it does make your hair shine

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The Mysterious Explorations of Jasper Morello...


this is amazing.......

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
I adore Terry Gilliam

just had this link from the wonderful Ruby, she has such good taste and knows me soooo well.........
this looks incredible. yet another can't wait!!!!

Friday, 7 August 2009


while I'm in the work room I like to have some entertainment and today is a classic day
CABARET with Liza Minnelli and Michael York, an absolute classic .
Sally Bowles introduced me to Green Nail polish when I was but a Girl.

ticking off the list.........

Since going back to self-employment, I have a list, a 'To Do ' list. one of the things on the list was to get business cards( although I do hate the term "business". It's an art or craft that makes money for me to live the life I choose( to a degree) not solely to make money.)
so I thought I'd give MOO Cards a try, heard good things about them.
and I must admit I'm impressed. ordered Wednesday got them today Friday. it did take a while to upload my 100 images, but I think that is mostly due to my bad connection and the weather.

so fast delivery, good quality printing, recycled material.the lack of sharpness is the cloudy light not the cards.

I wanted bright images, so decided that I "created" my garden, so I used a mixture of items I'd sewn, crocheted, planted or just things that inspire me,( all my own photos ) and I'm very pleased. a good representation of "me".

Another thing ticked off the list is this: 1 double bed sized crocheted blanket for my brothers, girlfriends birthday. posted yesterday . it's on 8th Aug, so I hope it gets there.

good! the list has some ticks on it! progress is being made, at last.I may even get some time to sew some of the great pile I cut out last week , for myself.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009


I do love animation, , but why do they always Americanise Roald Dahl books? why can't they just stick to the book? GRUMBLE GRUMBLE.
AH WELL it looks good anyway.