Sunday, 10 February 2008

new obession

My first crochet book, and it is marvelous, i would recommend it

It all started with this

and a collection of this

and this is the progress so far

I can see a long and happy friendship, although i have always had a bit of a thing for knitted/crocheted blankets

more feet

these lovelies where bought at the end of last summer, so the're still waiting to be broken in

and some old favourites
these are classics, pink suede creepers love em'

can't walk in these, but look at them!!!!

just what every woman needs, pink cat boots

ah a basket of flip-flops, roll on summer


I love colour and shoes, so no surpeise that i fell for the crocs.

the first love was clogs!!, I'm still looking for an orange suede and a lime green suede pair!!!

just a small selection of my lovelies

the perfect pair, wedge, bright colour and comfy, you can dance all night in these babies

hard to walk in , but beautiful just the same

Sunday, 3 February 2008

I'm still Hibernating.........

I'm not coming out from under the duvet yet, and my heating is broken, just when there is a gale blowing outside!!!!! POOP.