Friday, 30 January 2009

is it Friday already?

So I've been on holiday this week, to decorate, do some sewing and generally hide from January.Why does the holiday week go twice as fast as an 'office' week? no fair!
so I've been in the work room accompanied by these lovelies, so looking forward to the start of series 2 tonight.'Pushing daisies'. I love her frocks. I'm so dissappointed that they aren't doing a series 3.

and doing some cutting out, drafted a very simple pattern for a 12 panel skirt. I think it should look good in this grey pin stripe, I'll post a picture of the finished item

Thursday, 29 January 2009

sooo excited to see this..........Coraline

ooohhhh!!!!!!! can't wait!!

blk and white and a hint....

more inspiration from attic24

a bit late but...............

for christmas I decided to make some presents and I'm rather pleased with the results.

a hat and long skinny scarf for my brothers girlfriend , she is very blond and looked fab in the beenie hat, and I was extra chuffed as I made up the pattern as I went along, one of the wonderful benefits of crochet as I'm discovering.

and a cosy blankie for my mom, for those all important afternoon naps.lucky girl

and a great bag, also for mother, inspired by attic24,

( oops sorry the links don't appear to be working)

lady Ottoline Morrell

Lady Ottoline Morrell was a member of the Bloomsbury Group, who "......sometimes wore Extravagant Turkish Robes and Dyed Her Hair a soft purple."
She caught the eye of Quentin Bell the son of Clive and Vanessa Bell who described her as " That Fantastic baroque Flamingo........." what a wonderful desription, I think i will aspire to be a flamingo too!!!

so here is me being a flamingo, with my new wonderful lime green scarf, a bargin at £1.95

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

the kitchen......

this is 'japur spice' a friend said it reminded her of the ice cream you get in Indian restaurants, that's a result I'd say

and of course , one should always match ones hair to ones kitchen!!!

the after......

the bedroom, some indoor sunshine to wake up with

the workroom
it's hard to get a true colour photo, but it's a deep raspberry, I like it

strange times..............

It's all been a bit strange since my dad's diagnosis, but as happens, life continues, and you find a way through, he's feeling good, and amazingly looks very healthy!!!!
they are now getting a team together to carry out some surgery in the next couple of weeks. he's has a rare from of a rare cancer, but there is always hope.

it also shows, when these things happen peoples true colours!! you really do find out what people are made off, and not always good. but that's there problem not mine!!! anyway, it's gloomy January, so what better way to cheer up than a spot of decorating so here are the 'before':

the workroom

the bedroom

the kitchen

sophie solomon

sister rosetta