Saturday, 29 March 2008


Can't you tell it's been payday. I'm so bad,

Havn't started them yet , but they both look great. ' Things to make ............etc

is of interest, as I've not seen many novels with a theme of needlework, A passion of mine!!! so should be intesting.


Why is it nobody tells you that life doesn't stop changing at 21. It seems that they forget to tell you that once you get to that magical age of 'grown up' ( when -ever that maybe, I've certainly not reached it yet!!!) but we'll say 21 for argument's sake , that you don't stay the same, but continue to change .

I have a theory , well it's not mine, probably a Buddhist thing or something, but anyway, I think that your personality goes in 7 year cycles, and by the time you have reached the end of a 7 yr thing you have evolved into someone different.

I'm 42 this year and am certainly feeling very different, even different from 2007. Granted we had major life changes happen

1. moved from Sussex to Dorset

2. changed jobs

3. I got really ill and has surgery to remove my thyroid, but now feel better than i have in the last 2yrs.

But it's not just the big things. I 've never really been a fan of 'yellow', nothing really against it, but i definitely wouldn't paint it on my walls.
Well, I would now!!! I really want a yellow bedroom! it just seem to make me smile. so I'm not going to resist. it's just such a cheery colour.
the amazing top photo comes from this blog take a look at some truly magical photos.

life cycles..............

We have an agreement in our house , I do the cleaning and the scotsman does the cooking and food shopping. I can't abide the supermarkets and always end up with two weeks worth of picnic food and nothing for dinner. But today was different. for a start I wanted to go to the wonderful Lush

I've been using there products for years, 20+ yrs to be precise and they have a shop in Poole. now I really don't like Poole for shopping, but I will make the sacrifice for Lush!!! so off I went after a short, but wonderful time, sniffing and purchasing goodies, the scotsman picked me up , but then we had to go to the dreaded TESCO!!!! BUT HERE'S A BIG CONCELATION , STRAWBERRY BEER!!!!!!!
about 4 yrs ago we went to the dartmouth regatta, my parents live there, so we had been a few times, anyway they always have a large craft tent, and a very good one at that, with local beers, wines, food etc. and that is where i first tasted the delight that is Strawberry beer, now I have been searching for the stuff ever since, found lots of other belguim beers, but the strawberry was elusive.
But now I have a perfect night lined up, Strawberry Beer, Tesco's own Cappacino coffee chocolate and 'Rosmary & Tymne ' on the telly. Sad I know, but I'm easily pleased!!!


I have a bit of a thing about chickens...... I don't collect things with chickens on, I just have a longing for some chickens, I just think they are soooo pretty and there must be something quite magical having your own fresh laid eggs. I was hunting around for some pictures of the lovely feathered ladies when i popped into this ladies blog and look who i found , isn't she lovely 'This is Treela - who wants to be a house chicken.'

Saturday, 8 March 2008


spring is peeking around the corner

my blankie

my first atempt at a crochet blankie, very cosy

and the start of a new granny square blankie only about another 120 squares to go!!!

I just love all the pretty colours
one tired out pooch , it's a hard life for Levi!!!