Tuesday, 30 June 2009

more books................


I love it when you discover a new Author. and Sarah Singleton is one such person.
I've had a copy of 'the crow maiden ' for a while on 'the pile' but only just got round to starting it. and I have to say I'm hooked . the writing is wonderful , the opening chapter just pulled me in and I could smell the atmosphere described. I'm now eager to get all her books, especially 'the poison garden' .
And yes I am aware that they are described as for 'younger adult reader' but i never take any notice of age guides on books, if it's a good story then it's good!!

I'm on a roll first Kit Berry then Sarah Singleton, the world is very sweet when there is a whole pile of books to read.

Monday, 29 June 2009

I'm so lucky

I don't need to travel far to see wildlife, this beastie was in my garden pond, obviously fancied a dip in this warmer weather, and why not, should I put up a diving board? a sun lounger maybe?

after the Saturday fittings we stoped by Dorchester on the way home. we often drive past the sign for Maiden Castle
http://www.maiden-castle.co.uk/ but have never been to the site, until Saturday. So we took a little detour, it was a wonderful warm day, a little too warm to be stomping up great hills, so we are saving that for another day. but the surrounding area is so lovely.

this is a neighbouring Hill/ barrow/ ?

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

romance Candy

I can't stand sickly sweet hallmark card romance. I loath Barry white, can't stand Lionel Richie, just not my thing, they make me squirm.
but that doesn't mean I'm not romantic.
I think this is one of the best romantic songs of late
.....I'm some stain , dear, on your bed sheet , your my diamond in the rough...... now that is romance
he reminds me of Tom Waits or Nick Cave , that's my sort of Romantic

6 more......

So it started like this:

next step 150 granny squares, not quite enough: buggar make 6 more.

the finished blankie!!!

and the final test the "cat cuddle and nap" test . It passed!! very pleased. I don't quite know what to do with my hands at night now!!! I'll have to start another. on for my brothers girlfriends birthday in August oopppss,

the weekend part 2

So after all the excitment of Saturday, I had to have a lie down . The open gardens started on Sunday at 10.00, but first I had to make cupcakes for the cake stall in the Village hall.

Now would I make some nice dainty subtle cakes? What do you think?!!!pass me the food colouring

So The cakes had violet colouring, and the icing was in blue , green , pink and lilac, then sprinkle with some blue irredecent flakes. Simple

I left the husband to entertain and nipped down to visit these 2 , I love Donkeys, this is Summer and Mindy, they are from a local sanctuary, I did offer to take them for a Walk( all the way to my house and then keep them.) but they said no!!! and this lovely tiny caravan tempted me, but I think the husband may have objected.

Anyway , It did rain on and off but we still had a fair few Visitor and a lot of lovely comments.And the animals behaved themselves. people where very kind and even some of the roses came out.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

the weekend....

What a weekend!!!!!

it's taken me 2 days to recover.
I met some wonderful people and had just a perfect weekend. I went to weymouth for the folk festival mainly to meet these people,
Simon Costin and his travelling Museum of British Folklore, who was delightful
and the amazing Kit Berry who is the nicest person , and of course the charming Mr B.

I had been to my charity coffee morning beforehand, had too much coffee and cake, was sooo excited to meet Kit and Simon, so by the time I got there I was completely hyper and probably babbled away like a demented 6 yr old. I do apologise if I scared anyone. I blame it on the hormones.

of course being the dippy mare that I am, i was so excited to meet Kit and Mr B that I forgot to get a photo, hence the absense of photos of them from the day.

We found the pretty part of Weymouth , Who Knew!!!

EEEEE look Ma' proper Clog dancing!!!!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

spot the difference

This is who was missing in one photo, he was next to the phone....... take a closer look...

he's a beauty!!!!


I have such talented friends.....Thank you Ruby.

i love presents

bedroom this morning

of course I opened them in bed!!!

don't you just love boxes and tissue paper

my mother gives the best presents

velvet and sequin wrap, oohh soo sparkly

stripy summer wellies and clashing socks!!

husband is pretty clever too, can't have too many clogs, off came the pj's