Tuesday, 15 April 2008


I think I will have to great some of these lovelies to put in the flowerbeds for the summer. ranuculas, wonderful word to roll around your mouth too

stepping through the door.................

I'm still fairly new to the blog world , also the crochet world, so I love it when I find a new blog, and this is a wonderful one:


I'm still trying to find my "Style" for my blog, and my life come to that, and greatly admire blogs like the above that have a wonderful feel to them, I have a whole list of favourites, that I log on to nearly every day, knowing that they will make me smile and give that warm and fuzzy feeling. so "thank you" ladies.

I've mentioned my 7 yr personallity change therory, and the fact that this year ,my 42nd, is the end of a 7yr period. Normally I feel the changes in small hops along the 7 yrs, however this year I can feel myself changing in huge leaps!! it's quite strange, not unpleasent, but strange!!!

Sunday, 13 April 2008


The above is just my idea of heaven, a minimalist girl I am not!!give me colour and clutter every time!!

This belongs to Count and Countess Hubert d'Ornano, founders of the Sisley cosmetic empire. and to see more, go to the wonderful blog
she has the most amazing posts, all colour and glamour

I'm such a magpie........

I love this necklace, It's a series of marbles with 2 different images on each side.

This is what I wear every day. I feel naked without any of it. The front two are my engagement and wedding ring. I had the wedding ring made to fit the wiggle in the engagement ring. as you can see I'm very much a silver girl and none to subtle either . "Less is more" is NOT my way.

soo shiny

I have a ( small) collection of jewelery with bees as the theme, these are a pair of earrings bought for me by the wonderful Scotsman, my husband. I have a thing about Hares as well, but can't find that much jewelry with them on.

new crochet...........

Yay!! I've finally started a ripple blanket, I've wanted to do one for a while, but It's taken time for me to learn how to read a pattern and understand it, and of course a few trial runs, but now I've got it , it still seems sooo easy!!

I still have to finish this beauty!!!

and this 'Cath Kidson ' inspired one is still a work in progress, still a few to go.

I figure I need 150 squares to make the size i want, each of these piles are 10, only another 104 to go.

I've been thinking..............

Fairy godmother what should I do?although I think she's more the fairy-cake fairy!

I've been thinking about the what and the how of my blog. I'm still fairly new to it all, but should it be purely to show the things I create? or maybe my interestes? or a way of highlighting my 'things for sale' ( with my current financial situation ie: dreadful!!!) to raise some money.

should I be putting in such personal details? !!!! oh how confusing I feel like Alice down the hole!.

most of the advice states to 'focus' , but this I find very difficult, I'm a magpie, I like shiney shiney and so many different things, how can i just focus on one.

I think I will just have to go with what I feel like at the time. So this blog will end up as a sort of 'dolly mixture' of me. which is just like me really!!! so It fits perfectly!!!

Sunday, 6 April 2008

slow down............

I really should take a leaf out of Levi's book
"You are feeling sleepy" said Tyson
Yep levi's got it off to a fine art, this relaxing thing

what can I say! move over lads!!

in between the snow............

I can see you!...... what a cutie!!!
Again excuse the strange colour, maybe it was the strange weather.
I love the English weather, snowing one moment, sun shine the next and all in April, supposedly spring!!!
I have been to to the far east, spending Christmas day in a tee shirt, sweltering was very strange. I 'm a very pale skinned , green eyed and slightly freckly person, so hot weather is not really my thing, but today was bizarre, how wonderful!!!
as Billy Connolly says
" there's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing" Well said!

the veg patch doesn't look too inspiring, that's the garlic at the front, you wait !!!!I'll show you me onions later!!!

the lavender ladies, enjoying the sunshine

and the kitchen window sill, where else would you grow your seedlings!!! let me introduce you, from left to right, that's lemon coriander, sweet peas, sunflowers, and basil.
and this is normal coriander and lemon coriander again, she's a bit pushy,


the neighbours, excuse the strange colour, I still haven't figured out the settings on the camera, anyway these are the neighbours, Dorset sheep , such sweet faces and trousers, and sheep bottoms!!

so our bargain £45 green house is taking shape. our neighbour, the other side, not the sheep, told us about this , the top was OK and we've got about 70% of the glass but the one end, had completely gone and was all twisted and broke, and the whole lot was buried under nettles and all sorts, it took a whole day to get it out and loaded in pieces on to the van,but the husband can rebuild it . bless him, he worked all through the Easter break, in the wind and the rain, I'm very proud of him.

the bottom section will be wood, and the one end, then the top will be glass, as yet to be put in, but it's coming together if a little slowly.but we'll get there.

I've been weeding, this is a close up of the wonderful lady lavender, I made a new bed last year and it's full of lavender, oh what an indulgence, a whole bed of lavender, and the odd poppy.
spring is on the way, the lilac is budding, I WILL work out how to focus!!!! it's the story of my life!!! never quite focusing on the thing right in front of you!!!
the Eucalyptus is sprouting too, the colours are wonderful and I love the scent. she's growing into a beauty!!!

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

MORE CAKE............


Go check out these fabulous cakes, amazing!!!



Up until a couple of yrs ago , I'd had my hair long and red, various shades of red! then I had it all cut off , short spiky and pink, now I want my long hair back and am reaching for the henna again.
the pictures is from Carmen at ENO



just because i like him............

This is Hermann the mighty bunny!!!!!!! look at those paws!!!

and this one is just sooooo cute!!!
YES! My name is Jane and I have a thing about bunnies!!! just want to hug 'em and kiss 'em.