Wednesday, 14 May 2008

waving , not drowning............

this is the wavy blanket, it is rather large, so I'm not putting myself under any pressure to get it finished within a time limit, but just enjoy the process. And no, there is no colour plan, just random picking!!, but it will be BRIGHT!!!

This is a new friend I've made whilst weeding the garden, she/he chirrups and I chirrup back, we have some great conversations, she/he makes a lot of sense and has some very wise words.
Just off on a tangent for a moment. When I say weeding, it's understood that i mean taking 'out' the weeds, but if I was 'planting' or 'seeding' a lawn, for instance, I'd be adding, not removing!! Don't you just love the English language, I'd love to learn Latin!!!

growing in dorset

you can grow some amazing things in dorset

Who needs cows, isn't this how everyone gets there milk!!!! perfect slug guards and frost protectors!!! there's spinich under there, in case you're interested

when a lovely flower smiles at you , you just have to smile back.

bees are just amazing creatures, and such lovely fuzzy bottoms!!!

how time flys

well I was trying to be good and blog more regularly, but the sun and the weeds and the above beauty has devoured all my time. we still have a few panes missing , but come this weekend, i will be moving all my gardening stuff in and having a play!!!!

that is "the scotsman", inside, he is responsible for the complete rebuilding of the green house, it was a wreck hidden in bracken and nettles, he's had to dig it out piece by piece , reassemble the bits he had and construct the woooden frame pieces, all from old pallets, total cost £45!!! and a lot of love. blood. sweat and tea!!!
I'm soo proud, of him and the greenhouse.