Monday, 16 June 2008


I Never realised there where so many variities of Violet, aren't they wonderul.
I think i will go for the traditional deep violet colour .

Sunday, 15 June 2008

the flowers are bloomin' marvelous........

I adore poppies and have always had them in my gardens, I love the fact that I didn't actuallt plant these , I scattered seeds last year and these have appeared, just magical.

the mavelous violas, or pansy's I'm not sure what they are, are from last year and totally unexpected, but wonderful. next year I'm going to plant some violets, traditional ones, huighly scented I've found a wonderful violet specialist in cornwall.
who says there is no such thing as magic, if you have a garden you are surrounded by magic every day

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

my idea of fun!!!

ah!! a betty davies film on, a cosy corner and a pile of books, magazines and papers to sort, all in a comfy chair with a cup of Rose tea. some people are just easy to please, thats me , just easy!!

the ripple is progressing

some one has claimed it already, well it's passed the cuddle test!!

look what I got at the car boot sale for £1.50!! bargin, I just love this picture, and the surround is leather, very funky!!can't remember what it's called , but I love her ferret!

another bargin, £2 the lot!!


i HAD A BIRTHDAY! MY 42ND! YAY!! there is no subtlety in this house regarding birthdays. I regard them as well worth celebrating in the " phew ! I made it through another year!!!" mode

Birthday Cake , made by me, eaten by me!! A WONDERFUL RECIPE FOR LEMON DRIZZLE CAKE FROM Attic24

can you see him yet?

this is a present from my mother, I just think that is the most wonderful smiley face!!!