Friday, 26 February 2010

what I've been upto.....

I've been making hair pieces


My favourite picture, an original watercolour painted by, a as yet, little known artist
Mrs Shirley Nelson from Dartmouth. she's very talented but I am biased as she is my mother.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Just because it makes me smile


I'm so lucky

Some days you just realise how lucky you are.
Look at all the lovely fabric I'm working with at the moment, lots of work , but who can complain when it's working with this . beats Crimplene


I realised to day that it is 2 yrs since I stopped smoking, I smoked 20 a day for 21 yrs. that's a lot of money going up in smoke literally.

Now I'm not going to lecture, if you want to smoke then do , you can't give up for anyone else but yourself and only when ready . but if you do it can be very easy and not at all painful, no patches , no gum, no pain, just read a book.
That's all, read a book.

both me and the Scotsman did it. I can quite easily sit in a room full of smokers and not want to smoke.
What does annoy me is all the awful adverts , mainly from the NHS!!!, that it will be really hard , really painful and you must use very expensive patches/ gum etc, RUBBISH, JUST READ A BOOK. that's all it takes,


Another great film from Miyazaki and the studio Ghibl

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