Wednesday, 24 December 2008

an oldie, but a wonderful one

this is one of my all time favourite videos/ songs. what a fabulous black hat, my dear!!!this is where I'll be , if anyone wants me..............

renminders of the sunshine

lovely bursts of sunshine from the summer

gor blimey!!! , it all looks a bit dull now

oh well, I've got my gardeners sanctuary, to hide in and plot for next year, 'in the greenhouse'

well it is christmas

this is St. Stephen's church in Bournemouth, now I'm not a religious person, but I do like my churches, the more Gothic the better, and this beauty is tucked away just a couple of steps from Borders book shop, in the centre of Bournemouth , just through the park.
it's based on a french design apparently and is just stunning, it smell of incense and the coat I was wearing still smells of it.
I was very lucky to be shown the vestments( embroidered clothes worn by the priest). including the one above, from the time of Marie-antoinette.I was told that there is a matching coat at Christchurch abbey, but it's not on display. amazing embroidery. and a truly inspiring place.and wonderful people.

Friday, 5 December 2008


This has been a very hard year, but I had hoped that the worse was over. how wrong can you be.

my blogging is always a bit erratic, and will now be even more so . my beloved dad has been diagnosed with cancer, and my heart is breaking. I have to find a way of dealing with this and be strong for him and my family.
All I want for Christmas is some sleep and peace.