Saturday, 7 February 2009

coraline again!!! the website

I so want this house,

Imelda may......

love this song!!

a new suit..

Remember this pinstripe ?

add a bit of Lace from my wedding dress

yes, it looks a bit wonky, but I do assure you that is Dolly, The model, NOT,the sewing.

I'm pleased with this, it even looks nice on, ( it was easier to photo on Dolly the model)

And the back view. I've done some mini pleats at bum level in the back panels, so it swings and fits .

just on a side note: look at how that wonderful yellow paint glows when the ,oh so rare, sunshine hits!!! lifts my soul and makes me smile!!!

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.......

see tha light in the top right hand window? that's the workroom.

the blogs are full of snowy pictures and I just couldn't resist. well my last post complained about going back to work, well that didn't happen!!!!! Monday and Tuesday we where snowed in, the lane around here was bad, and the rest of the journey would have been impossible.
On Saturday last we had gone into Bournemouth for a touch of 'end of January shopping', spending of Lush vouchers, and visits to Borders bookshop for lovely American magazines.
Anyway we went for a coffee and over-heard a conversation between 2 couples, one obviously visiting from further up north.
1st Couple:" ooohh there is a snow and severe weather warning for Monday , so we best leave on Sunday"
2nd couple:" ooo don't worry we never get weather that bad down here, haven't had bad snow for a good 10years" HAHAHAHAHA, eat your words mister!!!!!

And again on Friday , no work. I listened to the local radio to hear of people being stuck on the A35 Dorchester to Bere Regis road for 3 HOURS!!!! this road is our nearest main road, and takes about 20mins to go along normally. What to do with all this unexpected free time well ,I got loads of sewing done .

Remember the 12 panel grey pinstripe skirt? well ,I cut out a waistcoat to go with it, lovely spotty lining!!!:

Do excuse Dolly the model, she had a bit of a scrap with the floor and is a bit wonky, the boob stuffing is all over the place!!! she's such a drunken lush!!!!