Monday, 28 June 2010

Yanovskaya Anastasia

Yanovskaya Anastasia

Simply Beautiful



I moved my computer out of the workroom so I would get on with sewing without the distraction of all the lovelies on the web.However I've just spent ages sighing over the beauty of these sites, do check them out, she's a very talented lady....


What have I been up to ...

Been busy with the 'work' sewing,

But I've had time to do some of my own ..... take a peek over here:

things are changing

Notice something missing? the computer !! it's been moved, so I have a lot more space

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We've set up an office space in the living room, and this is where I'm blogging from , I like it. lots more space all round. And it stops the 'distraction 'problem in the workroom.

A sewing machine..

It's been busy in the workroom