Friday, 31 July 2009

Thursday, 30 July 2009

showing your undies......

I originally started this blog to show the items that I made, now technically I did "make" the garden, and I have " made " lots of Cake, but it was supposed to be for the sewing side of things.
So it's kind of nice to actually, finally be posting things I've created.

This is a under skirt/ petticoat . I like long skirts and layering. so this was the answer, also extra layers in winter. I didn't sew all those rows of lace on, I bought it like that and for only £1 a metre. marvelous place I go to the Poole one or Salisbury( where I got this from.)

I have enough left for a blouse, sort of Victorian style I think.

I loved the slightly raggedy stained and torn look, that's why it was so cheap I think .
so I tried it on this morning and decided I'd wear it "as is". I think this will be a well worn favourite.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

I'm on a roll...........

I'm a fabric hoarder , I admit it!!!! but lately I've had the inspiration to plan some additions to my own wardrobe, and have been delving into my old stock. I keep fabric for years, knowing what I'll do with it eventually. sometimes the styles change, but not always.
this lovely pile is all 12 panel skirts.same as this one:

well similar. I've added extra flair to the lighter fabrics

this one has 2 panels of each fabric. I do love a mixture of blue and green. the colours aren't true due to the poor light and lashing rain, but you get the picture.

and this shows my greedy nature. for all these beauties are destined to become coats. all for me!!! I love a good coat.

this will make a fab 70's Biba(esque) inspired one

and this gorgeousness is from the Glasgow school of art and is " The Swing" . and yes it is indeed " curtain " fabric. it's great Linen type and I am never put off, by what a fabric" should" be used for , only what the drape will lend itself to. I have enough for a corset and full shirt too!!!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

bring back the summer.....

When I sew for myself I'm a bit lazy. If I find a Shape that I like and that works, I'll make quite a few of the same thing but in different fabrics.
So I wanted a piece that I could throw on when the weather is warm, that's easy to wear and keeps me cool, can't stand anything to tight when it's hot, not good with hot weather.
This shirt fits the bill perfectly,(they will be all the same fabric, no contrast bottom panel.) so I've spent the day with a head covered in Henna and cling flim,

cutting out this little pile of fabric. Gazing out the window looking at the rain, wondering when the summers coming back.
Oh well!! will do the newly planted lettuce good.

alice in wonderland

oh Alice why must I wait sooooo long?

Thursday, 23 July 2009

another book recommendation...

I heard this Author, Fiona Mountain on Radio 4's Woman's Hour this morning. I've read her previous novels and enjoyed them so I was delighted to see that she has a new novel out. This sounds intriguing and will be on the, vast " to Buy" list, but it's going to the top.

so I must stop Blogging and do some work to earn some pennies , so I can grab a copy of this book.

Alice, you temptress....

more skulls

this is another favourite fabric. I made the dress for a friend/customer and promised that when I used the photo I would not show her face, so I'm not being mean to cut off her head.

this was a copy of her favourite dress style, with a few tweaks. she loved it, so we where all happy!!!

it's for me................

Now that I'm spending all my time sewing, although it is for other people, every so often I can slip in something for myself , as i did last week .

So this is how this:

was turned into these:

the above fabrics are wonderful Alexander Henry. I adore this collection and so wish I had ordered more.
Top one is "Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertos"
and the next is "Corazones Hearts". this one I also have with a white background, which will be another shirt.

The patterned fabric for this one(below) was a skirt, loved the fabric , style of the skirt not good, so with that a a bit of green silk, that I got from 'who knows where' . a top for those hot days.

Friday, 10 July 2009


A couple of weeks ago , I went with my neighbour to collect a swarm of Bees. quite amazing in it's self. but look what i got today.real honeycomb with the honey and wax etc.a a faint taste of lavender.

Here's the lavender bed.

and here's the amber liquid.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

BUSY , BUSY........

I've been really busy of late. lots of boring big bills to pay, heating oil etc, so lots of work to bring in the pennies.
Lots of other things happening, my father is out of hospital and now recovering from the 5 week course of Radio Therapy, not nice, but hopefully he can now recover, which will take a while. I've been going down a lot to help out, exhausting but lovely at the same time, time spent with your loved ones is never a strain.

And it's the Hubby's Birthday . so I've been baking. Nigella's Chocolate chip cookies and special rock cakes. He has been complaining that the sun wakes him up too early , so I've relented and made some curtains, we don't need any privacy , having no front , back or one side neighbours!!

I'm even doing a little sewing for myself today. I have definitely got my sewing Mojo back and am whipping through sewing projects like fury!!!

This is what I look at when lying in bed.

and now with new stripy curtains, not too bad I suppose. and he's promised he'll open them when he goes out. I like to wake up with the sun. and to see the blue sky.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

a little something for myself..

So this is how I attempt to organise myself.a very battered Filofax.!!!
Old Fashioned but it works, but it's a bit dull don't you think???

That's better, it will get better when it gets more raggedy.

and some useful inside pockets for all those bits of paper.