Thursday, 5 November 2009

back to the village

This is the Village a 10 min walk from home, very pretty, full of thatched cottages.

The Village Hall & the shop

walk into the woods

Lead the way bold exploreor

I love the trees

This part of the wood always remind me of Russian fairy tales.

walk part 3

Levi takes the lead

Down the hill

Now we'll go off into the woods

walk part 2

along the top road. it's marked as a Roman road. it's so straight. and has that wonderful tree tunnel

shall we cut through the woods? not yet

Mind the Fungi

Shhhhh! we're being watched. We stood & looked at each other for a good 5 mins, then I bowed politely & went on my way. a truly magical moment

Dorset in Autumn

We're going for a walk , want to come?

up the lane

Past the dead , but oh so beautiful twisty tree

Near the top now

More twisted wonders

Dorset Orange

Orange being the favourite at the moment.

happy halloween .
this is my treat bucket, it was full of sweeties, but as no -one came a knockin' Well we had to eat them all.

These beauties where purchased at one of the many road side sellers. all round here people put out flowers/ fruit/ veg that they have grown, to sell. you just leave the money in the 'Honesty box' it works too!!

there are seeds inside these lovely lanterns,Hopefully I'll be able grow some next year.

Sunday, 1 November 2009


We went out for the day, out of Dorset and over to Devon, over Exmoor National Park, over to the wonderful Lynton,and then through the Valley of the Rocks, very spooky on Halloween at dusk. and home.

A dark & brooding Exmoor on the top.The wonderful clouds

The wonderful Lynton , an exquisite example of Victorian Seaside splender

The cliff railway coming up from Lynmouth

Sweet teashop at dusk

The wonderfully over the top Town Hall

the splender that is 'The Valley of Rocks hotel' if we had had time I would have loved to go in for Afternoon tea.

And the Valley of the Rock Valley itself