Monday, 28 September 2009

day off..............

As the weather was so lovely on Sunday we though we'd make the most of it. so we went off for a tramp across the Black Hills, as mentioned and walked by Thomas Hardy. and the very hills we can see from our front windows.
Here is Mr Levi J Russell intrepid exploreer and our forward scout, making sure the coast is clear!!

this below is Bere Regis, we where heading for Shitterton(just on the left side) Yes that's the correct spelling, please stop giggling at the back. they keep having to replace the sign post, as people keep nicking them!!!

We met some Fungi on the way.

Some corn fields in the distance

Some grand Oaks

Along the top of the Black Hills . mind the Gorse!!! oowww ! it's prickly

On the way home

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

another to look forward to.....

oh lucky girl.........

Look what arrived in the post today!!!

I was lucky enough to win a give away from the lovely It arrived today and I'm over the moon. I sew for a living so I felt a bit guilty about winning this, but it was won fair & square. I think it's a wonderful idea. it's such a pain to want to make something and then find you've forgotten one piece. so this idea ie. you get everything you need in one kit is great.
and I would heartily recommend these. it's beautifully presented and if the right choice is made, i think everyone from a beginner to experienced sewer would be happy, and the prices are really good too.

so , go on treat yourself