Tuesday, 28 August 2007

running away with the circus....

ok so this is the 1st post. This blog is going to be used to show the various creative projects that do, mainly using fabrics.But I'm going to start off with the circus job.

I spent approx 16 yrs as a professional costume maker. I'll show some photos of the costumes i made for various shoes, but mainly it will show the projects I'm working on now.But to start with, lets go back in time........... 10yrs. I had split from my husband, just got past 30, and wanted something to do, so I got a job as a wardrobe mistress with the 'American Universal Circus' on tour for approx 8 months around Taiwan, didn't quite work out as planned, there are just too many stories to recall , but a guy who was one of our secuity guys did write his experience down.

He's Canadian, and obviously now has a different career, and unfortunately missed many more ' interesting' evenings, but you'll get the feel of it, go check it out:

excuse the mistakes, I'm just learning my way arounfd the blog thing

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