Tuesday, 3 June 2008

my idea of fun!!!

ah!! a betty davies film on, a cosy corner and a pile of books, magazines and papers to sort, all in a comfy chair with a cup of Rose tea. some people are just easy to please, thats me , just easy!!

the ripple is progressing

some one has claimed it already, well it's passed the cuddle test!!

look what I got at the car boot sale for £1.50!! bargin, I just love this picture, and the surround is leather, very funky!!can't remember what it's called , but I love her ferret!

another bargin, £2 the lot!!


Anonymous said...

Dear CrazyJaneDesigns I like your blog very much. The photos are so colourful. I like the idea with the milkbottles. Unfortunately we don't have this milkbottles in Switzerland. Go on and all the best. The Swiss girl

Lucy :: Attic24 said...

oh my, your ripple is stunning!!!
I am 20 stripes from the end of mine and I already want to do another one in bright, zingy colours like yours!
Your living room looks like heaven.
ps thanks for visiting my blog, your comments are very much appreciated

Suzie Sews said...

Love your room, I would feel right at home here...a real home from home!