Saturday, 7 February 2009

a new suit..

Remember this pinstripe ?

add a bit of Lace from my wedding dress

yes, it looks a bit wonky, but I do assure you that is Dolly, The model, NOT,the sewing.

I'm pleased with this, it even looks nice on, ( it was easier to photo on Dolly the model)

And the back view. I've done some mini pleats at bum level in the back panels, so it swings and fits .

just on a side note: look at how that wonderful yellow paint glows when the ,oh so rare, sunshine hits!!! lifts my soul and makes me smile!!!


JuicyFig said...

oh WOW! That is absolutely fantastic, I LOVE IT!!! you are so tallented, I have always wanted to make stuff like that - I am jelous of your skills!


mimilove forever said...

Ditto..Gawd I wish I could make my own clobber...I love this...fab work missus!

Jennie said...

absolutely gorgeous outfit. I am jealous of your talent.