Friday, 30 October 2009

pumpkins etc

I wish this was one of mine, but I must admit that I had to buy this one!!!

These I did grow,

Not as big as I'd like, they are mini ones. Not one of my others survived, so disappointed, next Year it's back to the Turks turban!!! Although I am comforted by the fact that I've just heard on Radio 4's Gardeners Question Time, that it was a bad year for Pumpkins . But I'm not the only one
the marrows did well !!

The rest of the garden obviously doesn't realise it's nearly November and they should be going to sleep,

These wonderful Raspberries are still going strong . We have been stuffing ourselves silly with them since Sept.

We even have a few tomatoes . the other cuttings and Pelargoniums ( brought in to over winter) have started flowering again, silly flowers, GO TO SLEEP !!!

And the welly boot flowers are having another go. They'll be tears before bed-time I'm telling you!!


AllyColl said...

great flowers, fruit and veg and I'm going to nick your fab wellie boot idea:-)

Sara x said...

The garden is so pretty, tell me did you have to do anything extra to the wellys to make them suitable for the flowers. Also like the other blogger i may just borrow your idea xxx