Thursday, 5 November 2009

back to the village

This is the Village a 10 min walk from home, very pretty, full of thatched cottages.

The Village Hall & the shop


PG said...

Wow, I had forgotten how pretty parts of Dorset are!

AllyColl said...

what a pretty vilage...would be a great walk. I love thatched cottages but wouldn't want to live in risk, maintence and cost etc.
Have you done any more crochet lately?
Take care,

funkymonkey said...

You live in a wonderful area. I've really enjoyed reading your past few posts and sharing your walks.


acornmoon said...

You live in a very pretty place, your dog is very much like my own, he would have loved the walk also.

ruthie said...

haveloved going on all those walks with you, such a beautiful part of the world. My favourite place to walk is in the woods as i love trees. *ruthie