Tuesday, 19 January 2010

if you need a hat .............

So we all love a good hat,don't we?! But it can be a bit expensive, if you have a lot of do's coming up. So why not Hire one, and there really is only one place to do this, and that is

"Heavenly Hats" in Dorset. and here is a link:


The wonderful woman, Linda, who runs Heavenly Hats is charm herself, and yes, I am biased as she's a friend of mine and I will be doing some work with her . So go have a peek.


Pink Feather Paradise said...

I shall remember this if I ever get invited out somewhere formal... although I tend to shrink away from family gatherings...

Do you think that we should wear hats more? I think the stylish days of hats and gloves and looking your best when out and about where much more appealing... rather than jogging bottoms and hoodies!

x Alex

Ruby said...

Another iron in the fire - or should that be 'feather in your cap' (*groan*) - good going, Missus.