Thursday, 2 December 2010

snowed in

This is what to do when you're snowed in!! make sloe gin!!

Here's one I made earlier


Anonymous said...

Thinking about doing a blueberry version... how long do you need to resist your gin?

Karen said...

Cool post, I havnt tried homemade sloe gin, Ledger will have , I bet its lovely :-)

lila said...

hahaha...and get drunk too! super idea!

The Thrifty Fox said...

That looks so yummy!! My Dad makes Plum Gin using Black Doris Plums and it is mighty delicious and could blow your socks off strong. I have never heard of a Sloe berries before, i must let my Dad know about them :)

Pat Brennan said...

Ah tis' a pity I'm T Total. Happy new year to you and yours

Pat Brennan said...

Happy new year to you. You have been a busy girl!
I had a glitch in my comment posting, all sorted now. Catching up with all my friends old and new, here in 'blogland'