Wednesday, 19 January 2011

what to do when the electric is off..

they had to turn the electricity off for the day so they could cut down trees, So no sewing.
What's a girl to do? did a bit of gardening, tidied up, took the dog for a walk and then lunch.

first light fire

Get sofa cosy

Let's go for a classic lunch, tomato soup and a white bread cheese sandwich

feet up , book and MP3, and a quick nap in the sunshine

Levi is guarding the fire so we're all safe.

Oh he looks so sweet.

Shall we give him a little poke and wake Him up?

I think that look says it all, leaving sleeping cats to themselves, if you want to keep all your fingers that is!!


Alina said...

You've certainly made the very best choices to cope with the lack of electricity :0) Those pictures are priceles! XO

Ms R Pigtails said...

Lovely pix of lovely creatures :)


Anonymous said...

CrazyJane, you remind me Vali Myers!

Anonymous said...

Inspirtional! I'm going to pretend my electricity has been cut off too, but I draw the line at white bread!