Monday, 2 May 2011

royal wedding

Am I a royalist? not really. Did I watch the royal wedding? yes. Was this because I made an outfit for a person who attended it? YES INDEED! Just a bit of 'blowing my own trumpet !! ;)

and no it wasn't anything to do with the wedding dress, and no, I'm not telling, Client confidentiality!!

But it was on the telly and it was on the news!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Honey! I'm not a (especially modern) Royalist either - I'm way too Punk Rock ;D I might well have watched THE wedding if I had been looking out for one of your creations, though - email me and spill any beans you can ASAP?! Hope you got my last email, btw - can see why you've been kept mega busy, Doll.

Luv, Missus R