Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My Obsession.....

Although my daytime job is sewing frocks, I still like to do something "crafty" in the evenings whilst unwinding and watching the T.V. In the last couple of years this has been teaching myself to crochet,( the house is now full of crochet blankets!) and knitting ( socks being the preferred item) so this year I wanted to do something else, so it's sewing !!!! But this is different. I do now do quite a bit of hand sewing in my work.I used to hate it, but with age and therefore experience and hopefully a bit of wisdom, I've grown to love it. You can get such a good finish and it's very satisfactory. But this is just pure unadulterated hand sewing for pleasure. so I'm making a patchwork quilt. I've made them by machine before, but never a traditional hand sewn hexagon one. And it is a perfect to use up all those lovely scraps that I just can't seem to throw out, and those devine Kaffe Fassett pieces that I couldn't resist buying without a clue what I was going to use them for.... problem solved !!! Guess this sound's like I'm obsessed with sewing........ you could be right!!!! This also seems to act to shift that horrible feeling OF PROCRASTINATION. When I get stuck with my work and just can't seem to drag myself into the workroom, I tempt myself in with a bit of fun sewing for myself, and then once I'm in there I might as well get on with it. well it works for me :)

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