Saturday, 29 March 2008


Why is it nobody tells you that life doesn't stop changing at 21. It seems that they forget to tell you that once you get to that magical age of 'grown up' ( when -ever that maybe, I've certainly not reached it yet!!!) but we'll say 21 for argument's sake , that you don't stay the same, but continue to change .

I have a theory , well it's not mine, probably a Buddhist thing or something, but anyway, I think that your personality goes in 7 year cycles, and by the time you have reached the end of a 7 yr thing you have evolved into someone different.

I'm 42 this year and am certainly feeling very different, even different from 2007. Granted we had major life changes happen

1. moved from Sussex to Dorset

2. changed jobs

3. I got really ill and has surgery to remove my thyroid, but now feel better than i have in the last 2yrs.

But it's not just the big things. I 've never really been a fan of 'yellow', nothing really against it, but i definitely wouldn't paint it on my walls.
Well, I would now!!! I really want a yellow bedroom! it just seem to make me smile. so I'm not going to resist. it's just such a cheery colour.
the amazing top photo comes from this blog take a look at some truly magical photos.

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