Saturday, 29 March 2008

life cycles..............

We have an agreement in our house , I do the cleaning and the scotsman does the cooking and food shopping. I can't abide the supermarkets and always end up with two weeks worth of picnic food and nothing for dinner. But today was different. for a start I wanted to go to the wonderful Lush

I've been using there products for years, 20+ yrs to be precise and they have a shop in Poole. now I really don't like Poole for shopping, but I will make the sacrifice for Lush!!! so off I went after a short, but wonderful time, sniffing and purchasing goodies, the scotsman picked me up , but then we had to go to the dreaded TESCO!!!! BUT HERE'S A BIG CONCELATION , STRAWBERRY BEER!!!!!!!
about 4 yrs ago we went to the dartmouth regatta, my parents live there, so we had been a few times, anyway they always have a large craft tent, and a very good one at that, with local beers, wines, food etc. and that is where i first tasted the delight that is Strawberry beer, now I have been searching for the stuff ever since, found lots of other belguim beers, but the strawberry was elusive.
But now I have a perfect night lined up, Strawberry Beer, Tesco's own Cappacino coffee chocolate and 'Rosmary & Tymne ' on the telly. Sad I know, but I'm easily pleased!!!

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PG said...

No, there is nothing like beer, chocolate and one's favourite TV programme - it's the little things in life that count! :)