Thursday, 9 October 2008

only have items that are beautiful or useful ..........

Now, like a lot of 'sewers', I have a stash of fabric, including a large bag of fabric samples, these are squares  of mainly quilting fabric, you can buy assorted packs, charm packs I think they are called. a bit of a lucky dip.
Now it would be wasteful to throw them away, there are some quite lovely pieces, come just plan odd, but I now have a selection of fabric with a few lovely ones, but now enough of any one design to go with a theme or colour way, so what to do with them?
I also have this rather lovely quilt, I bought it as part of a bed set, in a sale, ridiculously cheap, it have a lovely subtle green boarder and a bit of embroidery , but the main part is cream. Not good with a bed sharing puss-cat. and I'm not really into the minimal thing , or cream, so it never gets used, such a waste!!! and we don't like waste in this house!!!!

I love the Kaffe Fasset school of colour and quilts and spend hours pawing over his books, and I do indeed have a stash of his fabrics to make into a quilt, but I don't want to dilute them with other fabrics that don't  'match up'. so what to do?!!!!!

go back to basics of course!!!! make a quilt out of scraps  using a backing of a quilt you don't use and VOILA!!!!  a thing of beauty( well to my eyes anyway)
How the whole patch work quilt thing started!!!! make use of things and enjoy them.
 and put all together, the patches, have a beauty of there own, and it's a joy to 'find' these slightly odd fabrics. the whole' jumbled up' effect gives  each patch a new 'feeling', and makes them more interesting than when they where viewed alone.
I 've spent ages just looking at the designs in a new light.

Yes , there is a patch with cows on it!!!! why ? I don't know, but it makes me smile.;)
 Koi carp on a bed spread anyone! pretty colours though!!!


Anonymous said...

I think someone would've had to be dead for a hundred years for that quilt not to cheer them up at least a little bit! I love the quirky details of random cows and fish and wot-not, they give your eyes something to conjure with should you find yourself without anything else to be doing in bed...



JuliaB said...

gosh! it is indeed a thing of beauty!! x