Thursday, 9 October 2008

out and about.........

since moving to Dorset , me and the Mr like to go out on 'Jaunts' on the weekend. just to get to know the county etc, and we always seem to end up looking in churches, and whether you are religious or not , you have to admit that there is nothing quite like an English county church.

This one is 'St Mary's' in Beaminster, and extremely picturesque little village not far from us.

it's old!!! but has obviously had some rebuild bit at some time, and unfortunately the wooden pews have gone. to be replaced from some rather 'yuk' modern stacking chairs. oh well, the alter was beautiful.And it had a wonderful window and some great statues.


funkymonkey said...

Great photos of the church but like you I hate it when they rip out pews and replace them with chairs. I've also read your post about your patchwork. I did a couple of small pieces years ago. Perhaps I ought to get started again. Love the wonderful colours and fabrics you use.

PG said...

It is so beautiful and airy - but oh I loathe those chairs! We love looking at churches too, (one day I will learn what all the bits are)