Tuesday, 15 September 2009

oh lucky girl.........

Look what arrived in the post today!!!

I was lucky enough to win a give away from the lovelyhttp://www.corsetkits.co.uk/ It arrived today and I'm over the moon. I sew for a living so I felt a bit guilty about winning this, but it was won fair & square. I think it's a wonderful idea. it's such a pain to want to make something and then find you've forgotten one piece. so this idea ie. you get everything you need in one kit is great.
and I would heartily recommend these. it's beautifully presented and if the right choice is made, i think everyone from a beginner to experienced sewer would be happy, and the prices are really good too.

so , go on treat yourself

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Yarrow said...

How totally spooky! I was looking at these the other day after following several links through different blogs. I couldn't find them again if I tried, but here you have the link! I do look forward to the finished piece, please post some pictures :)