Monday, 28 September 2009

day off..............

As the weather was so lovely on Sunday we though we'd make the most of it. so we went off for a tramp across the Black Hills, as mentioned and walked by Thomas Hardy. and the very hills we can see from our front windows.
Here is Mr Levi J Russell intrepid exploreer and our forward scout, making sure the coast is clear!!

this below is Bere Regis, we where heading for Shitterton(just on the left side) Yes that's the correct spelling, please stop giggling at the back. they keep having to replace the sign post, as people keep nicking them!!!

We met some Fungi on the way.

Some corn fields in the distance

Some grand Oaks

Along the top of the Black Hills . mind the Gorse!!! oowww ! it's prickly

On the way home


Yarrow said...

Beautiful pictures of a lovely walk, thanks for sharing :)

Lille Diane said...

I would love to see England. Thank you for sharing a part of your world with us. Beautiful, simply beautiful!

Jodes said...

those trees are so beautiful!
making a mental list to add black hills to my must travel list.
sweet blog, miss!

AllyColl said...

What a lovely walk:-)