Saturday, 10 September 2011

new baby.....

I've finally got my hands on my dream sewing machine.... a singer 201k . built in 1950 in scotland.
I've had my eye on several on E-bay, but kept getting beaten on price. But fate was being kind to me.
Last week end we went to the Dorset Steam fair

they have a huge market selling a mind boggling selection of the strange and wonderful and tucked under a table, complete with it's own spiderwebs( and spiders!) was this beauty. for only £5.
She has the original case, extension table, metal box with the extra feet, manual and even the original screw driver.
I've stripped her down( not completely , but enough) cleaned her and oiled her and she's purring away.
These really are incredible machines, they cope with anything from chiffon to leather. my modern machine is great, lots of fancy stitches and wonderful automatic button holes, but she hates jersey,and can be tempremental when it comes to chiffon. Not the Singer.
she is just a joy, and I'm soo happy, and she sounds WONDERFUL! A real audio memory of my mother and grandmother, it was at their knees that I learned my craft.

Of course Levi wanted to know why I was on my knees and was it play time? look at that tail go!!

He couldn't quite understand the excitement, but felt he should be included anyway, especially as he spends his days 'guarding ' me whilst I sew

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JuliaB said...

Fantastic bargain!! £5.00 and with all those bits in the metal box (on ebay they go for much more than a fiver alone!) !! wow!! :)