Saturday, 10 September 2011

times, they are a changing and so is my hair

So it's September, and here in the UK, we have gone from Summer August to Autumn. It's windy and rainy , and I love it!!! not quite cold enough for Jumpers, but the nights are drawing in and I'm planning my next crochet blanket and a few knitting projects for dark evening by the fire.
I always get a feeling of change in September, and this year especially. things are changing and so is my hair!! it still needs a bit of toneing and tweaking ,it's lighter and more grey/violet in real life( can't get the right colours in the photos) but it's good so far.

I've been making a lot of plans for my own designs,

so I've been playing around with hat designs. this is an original opera top hat , a bit battered , but it has the pop-up mechanism, so I've been using it for inspiration. I've been playing around with some lovely faux fur too. all will be revealed soon!!

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