Tuesday, 16 September 2008


I always thought that making jam was a very complicated ordeal, however with the help of Nigella, bless her, 2 lbs of blackberries have been made into jam, and very nice jam it is too, even if i say so myself.I'm ready for the WI.!!!

And just to confirm that autumn is on it's way, look at my monster !!!! it's a 'Turk's Turban' squash, bought for 50p, when it was a mere 3" tall, little did I know that when i carried it from the house plant sale in Bere Regis it would grow into this giant.

I've never grown them before, and the Hawthorn bush is doing a great job of support plant.

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Hen said...

There's nothing like making jam to give you that self-satisfied glow, is there! I love preserving - everyone around me just loves the jam/chutney etc!

Hen x