Tuesday, 2 September 2008

my inspiration.....

So when I hit 40, A couple of years back now, I was asked or sometimes told, by various peeps that I should maybe 'tone down' my appearance.at the time I had short atomic pink hair lots of silver jewelry , and a love of stripey tights and platform/new rock boots, and do you know what? I very nearly considered it!!!! should I now dress more " grown up"!!! dress for my age etc. I was never quite sure what exactly was meant , but I think it had a lot to do with an attire that was ' subtle' 'chic' 'beige'!!!! now if that's your style fine! but it's not really me. I don't do the natural make-up look, even for gardening a slash of lipstick is required. and I haven't seen my natural hair colour since I was 13. so why, did I ask, should I now change my taste /style because of my age. true I no longer wear short skirts, not appropriate for me, and the cleavage stays as contained as possible. but why do I have to appear to be fading , with dignity into the background, you know the sort of thing, 'don't stand out' or wear colours too bright, or too much of anything!!! I think once we are deemed passed 'useful age' ie child baring or being sex symbol material, it is thought we should quietly fade away, with dignity, until we have no more viv, or fizz, like a rather meek beige cardie, sort of mousy and apologetic for taking up space.

well BUGGAR THAT I SAY!!!! and that is why I adore Helena Bonham-Carter, her films are wonderfully diverse and I can't think of one I don't like, and her personal style is inspirational. and it really seems to get up the British press/media that they call her a bag lady and she doesn't care. they just don't seem to get it. she has a beautiful face and great figure and yet she still won't dress like a pornstar barbie!!!!