Friday, 19 September 2008

it's friday.............

and continuing on the theme of inspirational women, we have the wonderful Kate Bush.
Now I have been a fan from the start when my father bought me my first album, 'Lion Heart' and it's still one of my favourites.
Her music Like her style, the little that we see of it, seems timeless, of no particular age or fashion era, and I love that.
various of her album evoke a time and place' The Red Shoes' will always remind me of a group of women I used to know, and late night drunken dancing in the living room, sweet memories.
and although I would love to have fewer time gaps between her album releases, I greatly admire her attitude of not taking part in the 'Celebrity 'thing.


Amy Short said...

Hi, I just found you by blog hopping. I really like your style of writing and your photos are fabulous. My kind of friend. :o) I'll be back to visit often. Amy

Jennie said...

She's a very pretty lady!

JuliaB said...

Me too me too! I have all her albums! And your profile pic looks a bit like her too ... x

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Isn't she completely wonderful??

I am here via Gretel's Middle of Nowhere and am having a great time looking around! Lovely blog!

Happy weekend from both of us!

nadia said...

her voice, style is poetic!

Peg said...

I love the smaller pic of her with the ivy leaves entangled in and around her. Thank you for sharing.
Peg :o)

Moxieville said...

I adore Katie too! I could use a little Kate inspiration today!
Thanks for posting this! Loving your blog!


Ms. Moxie