Thursday, 16 April 2009

what can this be?

now these pictures maybe don't excite you, but I've been squeeling with delight.

you see the roll of paper is a special one, as mentioned I'm no longer working in an office. I am now a freelance pattern maker!!! again this may not mean alot to folks out there but boy it means the world to me, and what's this to do with a roll of paper? you may well ask?
well , as a pattern drafter I need paper, and the best and obvious choice, for me anyway, was a roll of dot & cross paper from morplan, all 200 metres of it. And it arrived today, very swift service, I only ordered it yesterday at 2.30 pm.

so that makes it official, I have the paper and this signifies the start of my self employment, the start of my spending hours in my fabulous pink workroom, no more 9 to 5( more like 8 to 7 !!!!, at the least)no more commute,


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JuliaB said...

Congratulations! I have just taken a delivery of that myself!! Morplan are great! x