Friday, 24 April 2009

what I'm reading..........

I think the book marker is fabulous, and explains it all!!

enjoying all three, all different, but good so far. spring seems to have bought out the Halloween in the reading department.
just remember, 'no-one likes a sticky monkey!'


Jessie Lilac said...

I like the style of these, I've started reading Coraline, bought it for my daughter's birthday but I've decided not to finish it because I want to watch the film without knowing the plot!

acornmoon said...

Good luck with your new business,I shall look out for your patterns!

Anonymous said...

That bookmark would make me go buy* the book in a heartbeat, just for the illustrations :)

And I'm impressed by you having so many books on the go at once!


*(Off to poke about on Amazon but will honestly try and resist spending any pennies...ha)