Friday, 28 August 2009

the great outdoors

My mother came to stay last week.My father is recovering from his cancer treatment, he's getting there, but it's slow progress and my mother is the direct carer. she needed a break and although she lives in a beautiful place(Dartmouth, Devon) She loves the quiet of our place and she's been itching to paint my garden furniture.
So I let her!!! I'm good like that.
I think she did a splendid job and she's very happy with her latest painting project. normally she works on a smaller scale, (she does landscape watercolours)

If you click on the picture, you'll get a close up view and you can just about see the grapes on the grape vine, go on, it's on the left side by the black pipe, see? those tiny green round dots.!!!! I don't think we will be starting the home brew this year!

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JuliaB said...

Ooh what a lovely daughter you are ! Nice furniture and colours. Really glad your dad is recovering well. Brilliant news. x