Friday, 28 August 2009

new books...

I love great illustrators and Colin Stimpson a new find, well to me,is fabulous and I was delighted to receive the following books, the stories are quite good too!


I don't cook much,but next time I get the urge I know which cook book to look to!


mrsb said...

Oh, what a tasty book!

Anonymous said...

he,he,he...loving those books:-)

zoe said...

fantastic illustrations in the poison diaries! i will have to grab a copy of that.
and how to cook children....what an extraordinary find... :D

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for posting my book on your blog. I really appreciate it!
You may be interested to see Esmelia Sniff is now on Facebook and has also just started Twittering.

Thanks again.

Colin Stimpson

CrazyJaneDesigns said...

Honored Mr Stimpson!!!