Friday, 7 August 2009

ticking off the list.........

Since going back to self-employment, I have a list, a 'To Do ' list. one of the things on the list was to get business cards( although I do hate the term "business". It's an art or craft that makes money for me to live the life I choose( to a degree) not solely to make money.)
so I thought I'd give MOO Cards a try, heard good things about them.
and I must admit I'm impressed. ordered Wednesday got them today Friday. it did take a while to upload my 100 images, but I think that is mostly due to my bad connection and the weather.

so fast delivery, good quality printing, recycled material.the lack of sharpness is the cloudy light not the cards.

I wanted bright images, so decided that I "created" my garden, so I used a mixture of items I'd sewn, crocheted, planted or just things that inspire me,( all my own photos ) and I'm very pleased. a good representation of "me".

Another thing ticked off the list is this: 1 double bed sized crocheted blanket for my brothers, girlfriends birthday. posted yesterday . it's on 8th Aug, so I hope it gets there.

good! the list has some ticks on it! progress is being made, at last.I may even get some time to sew some of the great pile I cut out last week , for myself.


Anonymous said...

Oooh lucky brother's girlfriend, that's a fab blanket - yet another masterpiece, m'dear.

And your Moo cards are beautiful! Cheers for the little review on their efficient service, good to know that info.



Kath said...

Love that blanket! Just came over to visit and catch up. I loved the Magnolia Pearl site and spent ages browsing, watching videos and listening to her wonderful backing music. Just bought a download of Ocean Stone, by Chris O'Brien, playing on her Home page, thanks for sharing! Kath at Railway cottage

lyra said...

love the blanket:-)

lyra said...

love the blanket:-)