Sunday, 6 April 2008


the neighbours, excuse the strange colour, I still haven't figured out the settings on the camera, anyway these are the neighbours, Dorset sheep , such sweet faces and trousers, and sheep bottoms!!

so our bargain £45 green house is taking shape. our neighbour, the other side, not the sheep, told us about this , the top was OK and we've got about 70% of the glass but the one end, had completely gone and was all twisted and broke, and the whole lot was buried under nettles and all sorts, it took a whole day to get it out and loaded in pieces on to the van,but the husband can rebuild it . bless him, he worked all through the Easter break, in the wind and the rain, I'm very proud of him.

the bottom section will be wood, and the one end, then the top will be glass, as yet to be put in, but it's coming together if a little slowly.but we'll get there.

I've been weeding, this is a close up of the wonderful lady lavender, I made a new bed last year and it's full of lavender, oh what an indulgence, a whole bed of lavender, and the odd poppy.
spring is on the way, the lilac is budding, I WILL work out how to focus!!!! it's the story of my life!!! never quite focusing on the thing right in front of you!!!
the Eucalyptus is sprouting too, the colours are wonderful and I love the scent. she's growing into a beauty!!!

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