Sunday, 13 April 2008

I've been thinking..............

Fairy godmother what should I do?although I think she's more the fairy-cake fairy!

I've been thinking about the what and the how of my blog. I'm still fairly new to it all, but should it be purely to show the things I create? or maybe my interestes? or a way of highlighting my 'things for sale' ( with my current financial situation ie: dreadful!!!) to raise some money.

should I be putting in such personal details? !!!! oh how confusing I feel like Alice down the hole!.

most of the advice states to 'focus' , but this I find very difficult, I'm a magpie, I like shiney shiney and so many different things, how can i just focus on one.

I think I will just have to go with what I feel like at the time. So this blog will end up as a sort of 'dolly mixture' of me. which is just like me really!!! so It fits perfectly!!!

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