Tuesday, 15 April 2008

stepping through the door.................

I'm still fairly new to the blog world , also the crochet world, so I love it when I find a new blog, and this is a wonderful one:


I'm still trying to find my "Style" for my blog, and my life come to that, and greatly admire blogs like the above that have a wonderful feel to them, I have a whole list of favourites, that I log on to nearly every day, knowing that they will make me smile and give that warm and fuzzy feeling. so "thank you" ladies.

I've mentioned my 7 yr personallity change therory, and the fact that this year ,my 42nd, is the end of a 7yr period. Normally I feel the changes in small hops along the 7 yrs, however this year I can feel myself changing in huge leaps!! it's quite strange, not unpleasent, but strange!!!


eve-ant said...

Hello Beautiful! Hope this works, apparently you can use your LJ account to 'sign-in' and comment which will do until I set-up a blog.

I for one will be most interested to see what adventures the next 7 years bring you, honey. It's a cool theory, I'm going to ponder on it myself.

If I don't manage to get the well overdue email to you in the week, I'll set aside time this weekend, I promise - a cup of tea and a virtual natter - lovely :)

Hope things are good your end?


Lucy @attic24 said...

Thankyou so much for the mention, soooo very glad to have you visit my bloglett. Warm Fuzzies? ooo yes, glad to oblige!