Sunday, 6 April 2008

in between the snow............

I can see you!...... what a cutie!!!
Again excuse the strange colour, maybe it was the strange weather.
I love the English weather, snowing one moment, sun shine the next and all in April, supposedly spring!!!
I have been to to the far east, spending Christmas day in a tee shirt, sweltering was very strange. I 'm a very pale skinned , green eyed and slightly freckly person, so hot weather is not really my thing, but today was bizarre, how wonderful!!!
as Billy Connolly says
" there's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing" Well said!

the veg patch doesn't look too inspiring, that's the garlic at the front, you wait !!!!I'll show you me onions later!!!

the lavender ladies, enjoying the sunshine

and the kitchen window sill, where else would you grow your seedlings!!! let me introduce you, from left to right, that's lemon coriander, sweet peas, sunflowers, and basil.
and this is normal coriander and lemon coriander again, she's a bit pushy,

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