Tuesday, 5 May 2009

grannys multiply.....

this is how it starts

and this is what 100 granny squares looks like:

only another 50 to go:

and then they have to be joined and enjoyed!!and snuggled under of course.. there is no rhyme or reason to them,except the border ( inspired by the now infamous Cath Kidson blanket) I just pick what ever colours I like, as usual


Jessie Lilac said...

I'm in the process of making a crocheted blanket, nearly big enough and as many colours as I can get hold of, but I don't know what a Cath Kidson border looks like, so I'm now off to Google it!

Anonymous said...

You really have got to grips with crochet haven't you - I'm so impressed by (& envious of) your skills :)

Hmm... the ubiquitous Ms Kidson. I don't deny her talents but it's a shame that her stuff (which isn't cheap while it might be very cheerful) has become shorthand for 'shabby/country/vintage chic' and so 'off the peg' - the very opposite of vintage/make-do & mend's individual ethos :/ Oh dear, that sounded a bit ranty, hahaha....glad this is anonymous otherwise I could get lynched by an angry mob of CK fans 'cos them ladies are loyal ;D