Tuesday, 26 May 2009

i've been in bed..... and not in a nice way!

I've spent the last week in bed with the flu!!! not nice

I'm just about up now, but still with a head full of snot and weary bones. but it was glorious today, as it has been over the Bank Holiday weekend. and the pooch needs his walk and I need my dose of "Dorset Green" to aid my recovery.

so down pig lane

to the bend in the lane...

I do think Dorset has the best clouds...

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Anonymous said...

Aww Honey, sorry to hear that you've been poorly. Getting up and about again is the hardest part and I hope that having all that greenery about you must have helped you feel a little better at least. Impressive photos as always :)

Lots of love (& tickles for that cutie-pie Levi),
Ms. Pigtails.xxx.