Thursday, 7 May 2009

nice post

look what came in the post today!!! no bills and two wonderful packets.

I have a subscription to Selvedge and would highly recommend it to any one who has the slightest interest in Textiles, there really isn't another magazine to compare it to , .

and this came totally unexpected from the amazing people that are "Sumptuosity"

if you haven't heard of them ' shame on you!!!'

it's a wonderful badge and came with a hand written letter,( yes!! hand written!! )thanking me for subscribing to their newsletter. I am overwhelmed by the generosity of people. I will wear my badge with pride and recommend them to EVERYONE!!!

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Anonymous said...

I must admit I look longingly at Selvedge when I go into Borders. I'll justify the expense one day! Good to know it has your professional approval, Missus.

Just popped over for a quick look at Sumptuosity - I think I've got one of their badges, if they supply 'Neetlegreen' (online shop) and I love it.